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Business Model

Aspiring to continuously create new, deeper, and broader values

Since its establishment in 1968, the KEL Group has always sought to make itself visible to customers as an end-user-oriented company.

The IT industry transforms rapidly with the changes in the times and advances in technology. We have stayed in business in this industry by listening to our customers' challenges, wishes, and troubles with information systems and meeting the needs of customers through original and ingenious efforts, while flexibly adapting our product and service lineup, business domains, organizational capabilities, and corporate structure.

We want to be a company chosen by customers as a strategic IT partner that understands them and continues to create new, deeper, and broader values in an age of increasing uncertainty. In this pursuit, the KEL Group will continue to further demonstrate its collective abilities to support the business expansions and transformations of customers.

Working with customers to realize an IT life cycle that leads to sustainable growth

The IT life cycle is the foundation of maintaining and developing the businesses of customers, and information systems must be constantly updated to manage this IT life cycle. The KEL Group offers one-stop services for information systems, ranging from design, creation, and sale to post-installation maintenance and operational support.

Our multi-vendor approach ensures coordinated solutions that do not overly lean on certain manufacturers, so that we can provide better and optimal IT system proposals for our customers. We form alliances with business partners in various domains in order to develop win-win relations and create an ecosystem for coexistence and mutual prosperity.

The KEL Group continues to make no compromises in developing and promoting sales of solutions that lead to the sustainable growth of our customers.

Strengths of the KEL Group, a Creator of Trust and Value

Advantage 01 Superior customer base

The KEL Group works with customers from a wide range of industries and businesses, providing many services mainly to major companies in Japan.
Aiming to become a strategic IT partner for customers, we seek to become an end-user-oriented company that directly responds to the challenges and meets the wishes of our customers.

  • Number of customers

    Approx. 3000 companies
  • Direct transactions

    90%or Higher

Advantage 02 Multi-vendor approach

The KEL Group, which has received the VIP Premier Partner certification from leading vendors, has formed alliances with vendors and system development partners from wide-ranging domains.
We maintain win-win relations with the vendors and partners, enabling us to develop ICT solutions with true value tailored flexibly to the changes in the times.

  • Our vendors and system development partners

    100companies or more

Advantage 03 Technical capabilities

We put great efforts into securing excellent engineers for realizing our corporate philosophy of "creating new values," which helps strengthen the business competitiveness of our customers.
We maintain an organizational structure designed to provide uniform technical services throughout Japan. We also make continuous improvements to our workplace environment aimed at increasing productivity.

  • Number of engineers

    More than 800
  • Number of certifications acquired

Technical support (JP)

Advantage 04 Stable and sound financial structure

Our company has remained debt free for many years, with a stable and sound financial structure. We have included ROE in the numerical targets of our medium-term management plan and are always conscious of capital efficiency in an effort to increase our corporate value.
We want to give back to our shareholders for all the support that we receive. To this end, we endeavor to offer shareholder returns with high transparency, using dividend payout ratio as an indicator.

  • ROE

    12%or higher
  • Dividend payout ratio

    50%or higher