The demand of introducing Global Supply Chain Management System is rapidly increasing in Electronic component, Electronic and Automotive industries. (Nikkei Solution Business 2004/07/30 p.50) In this worldwide trend, the case that the suppliers in Japan also make their own system responsive to the international standard specifications and become a member of the global supply chain is increasing. There are, however, various difficulties in the actual introduction. Here based on KEL’s tremendous career of introduction KEL analyzes the problems which the suppliers of Japanese companies tend to meet, and provide a proper response to take appropriate countermeasures against those problems. KEL is highly proud of avoiding any trouble that may arise in each phase from requirement analysis, tests through management and offering a prompt introduction.

Consultation,Implementation,Maintainance & Helpdesk,Support to Go-Live

Major portable phone OEM/Set Maker and Japanese Suppliers located Tokyo

OEMs use RosettaNet as standard but with their specific requirements. Many hard works bother suppliers,in order to:
①confirm OEM-specific requirements
②implement PIP scenario
③justify on how to proceed validity test

English speaking engineers who are experienced in SCM solution are required to check and compare the items to communicate each other, between suppliers and OEMs. Neglecting these procedures makes suppliers in trouble during implementation and after Go-Live.

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Major portable phone OEM/Set Maker and Japanese Suppliers located Tokyo

RosettaNet requires not only fixing the data format but also the closed contact to initiate the change of business process, i.e. shipment, invocing etc. RosettaNet is now coming to the standard interface instead of EDIFACT for manualless settlement in Leading companies of PC Assembling. Once two hours the shipment information is required to send to OEM. The Japanese supplier has to check and confirm the data flow in conjunction with his forwarder.

One of Big3 Automotive OEM and Japanese Suppliers located Tokyo

The system design of Supply Chain Management cannot be accomplished by only the staff of Information Systems Department. International sales Department and Information Systems Department must work closely. But a lack of knowledge of business process and data process, vise versa, and/or language problem may disturb the smooth installation. The supplier feels difficulties to contact the OEM under technical specifications written in English in which business process is included.


We provide services below according to each phase.


  • Investigation of shipment process

    The process flow of shipping work will be checked in order to prepare the data properly and timely.

  • Investigation of notifying of forecast

    KEL investigates how to prepare the data of an advance notice of shipment and checks the data format.

  • Consulting of Billing process

    Billing process may be changed. The timing of triggerring the bill or OEM’s self billing will change the process of collation. KEL assists the two parties to make a contract smoothly.

  • The advicing of acquiring of DUNS/GTIN code

    KEL advises how to get the DUNS/GTIN code and maintain the code.

  • OEM’s own specifications

    Advice of checking the date filed will assist quick cutover as OEM has own specifications. Each data filed must be chacked so that no delay in process after the cutover.

  • System requirement

    KEL checks the both parties requirements and implements the system. The test procedure will be also prepared.

  • Documentation

    The report of each point will be translated into English and be forwarded to NDA to proceed the next step.


  • Object design of process and program coding

    KEL develops the interface programs between legacy or ERP system and the transmission data including the installation and local testing.

  • Supporting of connection test and end-to-end test between applications

    KEL prepares the test data, configuring the system and network. Assit the communication between supplier and OEM to proceed the testing by English.


  • The support of announcement by OEM

    Any modification, intentional system down and/or unintentional system down may by announced by OEM. KEL confirms the information with OEM and sugests the supplier to take the proper action. KEL prepares the test data, configuring the system and network. Assit the communication between supplier and OEM to proceed the testing by English.

  • Trouble shooting and recovering

    KEL assits the trouble shooting and data recovery. KEL arranges the test if necessary and supports to configure the system to accept the irregular data.

  • Consulting on Brand-New Features & Implementation

    For instance, ①Building and distribution (PIP2A10,2A13) of Product Info Database regarding Hazardous Chemical Substance (RoHS , JGPSSI,JIG). ②Realtime settlement for OEM & Suppliers by means of PIP3C6 & SWIFT integration.

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Your access on any challenges is welcomed. Please contact Global-SCM Solution Support team at Kanematsu Electronics LTD.,

Your access on any challenges is welcomed. Please contact Global-SCM Solution Support team at Kanematsu Electronics LTD.