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Quality Management System

KEL acquires ISO09001:2000 certification for its entire corporation and business operations

On March 15th, KEL obtained for the entire company and all of its operations, the ISO9001:2000 certification, an international standard for quality management and assurance, with the main objective of increasing customers' confidence, standardizing business operations, and improving its level of compliance. Through this acquisition of certification, we at KEL will strive to thoroughly carry out the spirit of our corporate code of ethics and offer services and solutions that bring increased benefits to our customers.


KEL's Quality Policy (Formulated on June 11,2004)

Based on our management principle of “placing our customers first,” we will provide the most suitable solutions to guide our customers' business toward success. Further, we will aim to improve customer satisfaction by keeping up with the diversifying market environment and rapidly advancing technologies, and by developing high levels of capabilities in the areas of technology, development, suggestion-making, and support, in order to provide high-quality solutions to our customers.

  1. In order to realize the level of quality that will satisfy our customers, we will continue to make improvements by truly understanding the quality management system and striving to make it even more effective.
  2. We will adhere to this quality policy and make necessary corrections and improvements in order to reach our quality goals.
  3. All of our employees involved in KEL’s business activities will adhere to this quality policy, recognizing that it constitutes the foundation for providing our products and services.

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