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Information Security Management System

KEL acquires a certification for ISMS International Standard ISO/IEC 27001 as a
company-wide measure

The entire corporation of KEL, which includes two affiliate companies, has undergone a screening conducted by a certification agency (Japan Management Association), and obtained the ISO/IEC 27001, an international standard for ISMS (information security management system), on June 21, 2006.

We at KEL recognize that it is of utmost importance to establish and maintain information security in order to appropriately protect all information assets that we handle, including the information provided by our customers. Therefore, we have been making efforts to design and set up an ISMS.

To increase the confidence of our customers more than ever, we will continue to improve the level of our ISMS and to strive to further enhance our group-wide information security measures. Moreover, we will also utilize the knowledge acquired through these activities for our security-related business in order to provide services that will benefit our customers’ security measures.


Name of company: Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.
Conformed standard: JIS Q27001:2006 (ISO/IEC27001:2005)
Scope of registration: Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. (entire company)

[Related organizations]
KEL Technical Service Ltd. (Main Office, Nagoya Branch, Fukuoka Service Center, Sapporo Service Center, Sendai Service Center)
KEL Systems Ltd.
KEL Management Service Ltd.
Certification body: Japan Management Association
Registration date: June 21, 2006

Basic Policy of KEL Information Security

Based on our corporate philosophy and code of conduct, we will offer to our customers IT solutions to support their business. We recognize that to promote such efforts, the management objective of foremost importance is to establish and maintain an information security system. According to the basic policy outlined below, we will ensure an information security system that will appropriately protect all information assets we handle, beginning with the information provided to us by our customers.

  1. We will do our utmost to fully implement various appropriate human, organizational, and technological measures to prevent any wrongful break-ins, leaks, modifications, loss, damage, or usage interference.
  2. In case a security-related problem occurs with the information asset, we will promptly investigate its cause, minimize its damage, and prevent recurrences.
  3. We will comply and adhere to the statutes, standards, and any other regulations related to information security and fulfill our security commitments.
  4. We will take necessary measures to educate our board members, employees, and employees of our affiliate companies about our information security policy.
  5. We will establish a security management system in order to continuously improve and implement the above activities, and respond to any new security threats.

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