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President's greeting

I am Hideki Enomoto. I assumed the post of president and CEO of Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. on June 27, 2006.

Under a new framework, we at KEL will strive to further enhance our business structure to respond to the rapid changes in the market and the needs of our clients. We will do our utmost to remain a company that effectively fulfills the expectations of our stakeholders and clients, and be an attractive and stimulating organization for our employees.

We completed our previous mid-term management plan in March 2006. Under this plan, we structurally reformed our business foundation by successfully reinforcing our technical basis, improving our financial strength, and reforming our personnel system. Having designated our 39th through 41st fiscal years as a “period to enhance KEL's sales, technological, and developmental capabilities to promote further advancements,” we have formulated a new mid-term business plan under the slogan, “Striving for Further Leap Forward.”

We aim to vigorously advance forward to become a highly profitable IT service corporation by basing our management strategy on the enhancement of the following areas: earning power, customer satisfaction, teamwork, and internal control.

As always, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

President & CEO Hideki Enomoto

President & CEO
Hideki Enomoto

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